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fettlers shed gallery insideAn attractive space for solo or small group exhibitions, suitable for arts and craft as well as products or services.

For our current exhibitions, please see the Events page.

Fettlers Shed and surrounding grounds are also
available for use by individuals and groups for
• meetings
• workshops
• exhibitions
• functions

Facilities of the Fettlers Shed
Hall Separate Meeting Room
  • hall floor space of 45 m2
  • wall hanging space
  • capacity of small to medium size workshop
  • lecture style capacity for maximum 50 people. (25 chairs on site)
  • seats for up to 10 people
  • boardroom style large table
  • cork board for posters
  • access to separate kitchen via servery
Exhibitions notes: Other
  • walls white; curtrax hanging system; individual spot lights down centre of room, good natural light cement floor; insulated walls and ceiling.
  • village Common is available for hire for approved activities on a shared basis.
  • plan available
  • separate new kitchen (microwave only)
  • disabled access toilets
  • Modest charges apply.
  • All proceeds are used for the upkeep of the Robertson Heritage Railway Station managed by a not-for-profit organisation.

For more information & bookings:
Steve Carey
Ph: 02 4885 2323

Art Exhibitions
Penny Levitt
Ph: 0408 610 714

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